Yummy! Spa Treatments that are Good Enough to Eat

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Waterfall Hale Massage at Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii.

Waterfall Hale Massage at Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii.

For many, food is the best part of travel—whether you go directly for the maple sweets in Canada or Kona coffee in Hawaii. But what you may not know is that sometimes the best tasting ingredients also make the most potent spa elixirs. An avocado’s abundance of nutrients can be put to work in Willow Stream Spa’s Body Quench, which uses pure avocado oil for a deeply hydrating wrap, scalp and body massage. For guests who want to be steeped in luxury, the Ultimate Caviar Facial uses Kerstin Florian’s Signature Caviar collection—a peptide-rich age-defense skincare line—to reenergize tired skin. The possibilities are endless, and Fairmont has rounded up the top ingredients that leave guests hungry for more.

The Buzz about Coffee
Antioxidants make coffee a powerful tool for spa therapists looking to combat the signs of aging. Caffeine is also known to promote circulation and help diminish the appearance of cellulite, giving coffee treatments even more punch. The famed Spa Without Walls at Hawaii’s Fairmont Orchid has a popular Kona Coffee Exfoliation that enlivens the senses and renews skin. A mini massage and misting with luscious vanilla orange cream and spritz tops off this aromatic and renewing experience. In the Canadian Rockies, The Spa at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise offers a Skin Toning Coffee Mud Wrap that uses a blend of ground coffee beans combined with moor mud and essential oils to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Below the equator, the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Zimbali Resort in South Africa features a rejuvenating Zimbali Coffee Break that includes a salt and coffee body exfoliation to uncover radiant skin.

Maple Treats
Canada is so proud of the maple that they even put the leaf on their flag, so it’s no surprise that spas are taking advantage of this national treasure for innovative treatments. In Vancouver, Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Willow Stream Spa offers a Maple Sweet Body Treat that uses a maple-sugar scrub along with a super-rich cocoa- and shea-butter body massage and wrap to relieve stress and tense muscles, while their Coastal Mountain Body Wrap nourishes dry skin with a warm massage using maple butter, cocoa and shea butter. In neighboring Alberta, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has a Sweet Maple Body Treat featuring a moisturizing B. Kamins maple-sugar body scrub, body wrap and body lotion. Featuring a conditioning Bio-Maple compound, the treatment exfoliates, improves microcirculation, and provides vital nutrients to dry, parched skin. Also in the Canadian Rockies, The Fairmont Banff Springs offers an All-Canadian Body Buffer at its Willow Stream Spa using rice bran, jojoba oil and a Bio-Maple compound to soothe and condition skin, restoring its natural radiance. In Quebec, Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello also offers a Maple Body Scrub that takes advantage of Bio-Maple to improve circulation while brightening skin.

For the Love of Wine
Polyphenols found in wine, tea and many other drinks are a delicious tool at the spa. In the heart of California wine country, the Willow Stream Spa at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn toasts a Chardonnay Olive-Oil Sugar Polish, which pampers guests with an aromatic, moisturizing exfoliation—with a heady combination of olive oil, chardonnay  grape seed extract, sugar and lavender—that stimulates the mind, body and senses. Fairmont Tremblant’s Amerispa uses Quebec’s famed ice cider for an Exfoliation and Body Wrap that puts the beverage’s concentration of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to good use, offering an anti-aging infusion for healthy, revitalized and balanced skin. The Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa’s Grape Gatsby Treatments at The Plaza in New York offer custom recovery cures like the Joie de Vivre: Radiance Recovery, which includes a Crushed Cabernet Scrub, Fresh Grape Massage and Vinoperfect Radiance Facial.

Tea is also known for its high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, and Fairmont Yangcheng Lake’s tea room of regional Chinese green teas is a hint that its Willow Stream Spa keeps the time-honored beverage close to heart. The Earth-Tea Revival experience awakens the body and mind with a cocoon wrap, featuring a mixture of freshwater mud, kaolin clay, rose-hip oil and green tea from Jiangsu province, nourishing and boosting the skin’s immunity and defense against the environment. Delicate eye areas are rejuvenated with a green-tea compress.

I Dream of Chocolate
Chocolate is well known for its high levels of healthy nutrients and antioxidants, making it the perfect indulgence for nourishing the body inside and out. Fairmont Mayakoba’s Chocolate – Food for the Gods treatment acknowledges the highly revered place the treat had in pre-Hispanic Mexico, when cacao was considered edible gold. The Willow Stream Spa experience includes a cacao mask body wrap, a scalp massage and a massage application of pure coconut oil and rose essence. In Colorado, Fairmont Heritage Place, Franz Klammer Lodge has a Triple Chocolate Bliss Body Scrub that pampers guests with the healing wonders of two therapists, as four hands work with one heart. This extravagant experience begins with an organic mocha body scrub to soften skin with the anti-aging antioxidants of decadent dark Belgian chocolate, and Hawaiian Kona coffee beans to stimulate and exfoliate. Next, chocolate body butter deliciously nourishes skin and soothes muscles in a full body massage.

Sugar High
Sugar comes in many forms, and in the treatment room its uses are endless—brown sugar has come to be regarded as an effective exfoliator, while honey has been used for centuries by beauties like Cleopatra. Dubai’s new Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont The Palm offers a Renew Hammam treatment that features a natural anti-ageing honey mask—featuring illuminating phytochemicals—which is applied to the face following a traditional wash with black-olive soap, vigorous kese scrub and luxurious coating in argan oil and mineral-rich clay from the Atlas Mountains. In Bermuda, Fairmont Southampton’s Brown Sugar Scrub is an optional add-on to facials at the Willow Stream Spa—this delicious treatment exfoliates the lips to reduce signs of aging. The Vida Spa at Fairmont Chateau Whistler offers Ayurvedic Wraps with an exfoliation that uses brown sugar and honey mixed with fresh herbs. Honey, known as an anti-aging skin care product, is also used in Cairo at Fairmont Nile City’s Willow Stream Spa. The Egypt Energy experience starts with a rich bath of milk, honey and Dead Sea salts, and continues with an aromatherapy-oil massage.

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